Late Model Airstream Renovations

We're combining the best of both Airstream worlds by starting with a clean, modern late model donor with new technology and refreshing the interior with modern vintage styling.

More cost-effective than vintage renos

Customizable interior options

Shorter turn-around time


warm & inviting

Forget those stark traditional Airstream interiors that more resemble a doctor's office more than a home. Our interiors are bright, warm and inviting!

About the process:

The Donor

If you do not already have an appropriate late model Airstream we will help source an ideal candidate. There are still a few things to consider to be sure we are still starting with a solid base. 


The most cost effective solution is to maintain the same basic layout and work within those parameters to bring the trailer interior to life! A custom Airstream without all the hassles.


Our design team has compiled a list of selections that keep the process and workflow as seamless as possible.


A properly selected late model Airstream will have a solid foundation and will simply require an interior makeover. 

A typical donor can be purchased for less than $50,000 and can typically be financed by a third party financial institution. 

Late model makeovers start at $50,000 making them a much more cost effective solution than a full vintage renovation. 

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