Surface 604

Folding Ebike - Surface 604 Twist

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The ultimate travel accessory - the folding Surface 604 Twist ebike! 

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Folding, low step thru geometry
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Post Mount, with Motor Inhibitors


A torque based pedal assist system is more advanced than a cadence sensing ebike. In general, torque sensing is built to be in tune with the rider’s movements. Sometimes called smart sensing, torque sensors use precision strain to measure the force the rider is actually applying to the pedal. This allows your bike to gauge the appropriate level of pedal assist for conditions.  

For example, if you reach an incline, a torque sensing bike will automatically provide pedal assist if you begin pedaling harder. Once you get back on flat terrain, pedal assistance will ease up. If you are going down hill, pedal assist may temporarily shut off altogether.

While bikes with torque sensing pedal assist can be more expensive, they also provide a smoother ride overall and use less battery power. 

Large color LED DISPLAY with USB jack! Charge your cell phone while riding!
Powerful LED front/rear lights

Details and specs can be read on the manufacturer's site.


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